Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I am slack

!Ok SO I have gotten a little bit slack ass I have been busy working on other things to establish. But a new group of students means that I have established a new round of blogs flooding blogger with more beginners to enjoy the wonders of the art of blogging.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


trouble with passwords

It really is difficult to remember all of those passwords that we get these days. I am currently locked out of most of my blogs and email accounts because I can not remember how to get into them. Silly me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Can not remember the password and name to my student blog so they are posting here!



I watched the movie”The Lost World: Jurassic Park”.
This movie is about dinosaurs. But it’s not a serious movie. The theme of the characters in the movie survives dinosaurs. This movie is the second of the Jurassic Park series. A few characters continue appearing from the first movie of this series.
Dr.Malcom took Sarah from the island. There are a lot of dinosaurs on the island. But they were attacked by the T-rex. They couldn’t go back home. Then, they went to a building to call for help. After that, they could go back to America. But one T-rex followed them together. The T-rex rampaged around the city. Finally, they could return the T-rex to the island.
Maybe all of the actors are so serious, but they don’t look serious to me. They look rather funny. What’s more, this movie doesn’t have much of a story. If this is a serious movie, it’s a biggest problem. But this is an entertainment movie, so it’s OK to be able to enjoy this movie.



January 9, 2007
The Lost World- Jurassic Park 2
Actors- Jeff Goldblum -Dr.Malcom
Julianne Moore –Sarah
Vince Vaugh
I have seen this series before, so I could expect the contents easily. Each time I watch the series I recognize that peace and calm are best.
Dr.Hammond made a world of many dinasours on a small island. But that caused a lot of death and damage to research workers on the island. Four years later, Dr.Hammond still hadn’t abandoned this project. He had continued this project. So when Dr.Malcom, who finished them last time, knew about that, he objected to Dr.Hammond and went to the island to rescue workers and stop the project.
The first half of the story was just scenes of people fleeing from dinasours. There were a lot of scary and thrilling scenes like the last movie. The latter half of the story was more surprising than the first half. A dinasour landed in the city and rampaged around, so it became a disaster. Finally, when it finished a dinasour was returned to the island. But many dinasours are left on the island.
I think the biggest meaning of the movie is to scare and surprise people by the pictures. I think that’s good. That allows people to blow off their stress. But that’s too exciting for me, so I didn’t want to watch it at first. But I was relieved this story didn’t have a bad ending. This series has many numbers, so I think all the series is like this.


The Lost World: Jurassic Park II

The Jurassic Park are no main character their only have dinosaur.
The story tells about some people who went to an island and saw some dinosaurs.

They started to try to get photos of those dinosaurs, but they made those dinosaurs angry and they got lose.
They couldn’t get off that island; they tried to catch the dinosaur.

But was someone opened the cages and let the dinosaur escape so his dream was destroyed.
A Tyrannosaurus came and tried to eat them. One guy died.

They want to go back to a place where there is a telephone so they can get help.

At night, while they’re sleeping. The Tyrannosaurus came again.
They ran and some people died. They ran to the grass and other dinosaurs came to eat them. When they arrive the place can again content outside. While they waiting, a dinosaur has come again, they very scared of them. The women made two dinosaur fight and they ran.
The helicopter came and helped them get out. When they came back to their city, the man who caught the Tyrannosaurus came to the city, he wanted to earn money. But suddenly the Tyrannosaurus came out and tried to eat people.
It’s a silly movie and it was unrealistic. It’s difficult to believe that. Because of this I don’t like it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. Probably not very PC but do not really care. Best of the season to all and hope the new year is terrific

Thursday, November 23, 2006


A long time no Blog

Wow it is easy to get out of practice with this isn't it? I have been busy doing lots of things and at the same time nothing. I think that I am in shock as I have not had to start summer school and I have nothing university related to think about at all. It seems strange.

I think I will be required to start some Tafe course just to keep myself occupied next year otherwise I will be a mess.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My comments on your site are there Nilly aboout 4 from the bottom! They are not very long as I coould not find many anything wrong. Just one note was you could create a link to the site

http://dictionary.reference.com/. It is an online dictionary that is great as if it does not know the word it does an interenet search of other site for the word. I loved the colours on your site they were not too bright and this makes it eassy on my old eyes. Loved the topic and found the HP activites a challenge. This topic is great for long term students and short tour students alike. Can I use it with my class?

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